'Fuck nugget'

One of the greatest things to come out of Debra Morgan’s mouth.

Whoever created her character is a fucking genius. Her word vomits are just perfect.

So we’re just starting season 4 of Dexter, and, while I am thoroughly enjoying it, I think it’s slightly predictable:

- There’s a big case which lasts the whole season
- Dexter builds a relationship with someone who is undoubtedly involved in said case
- Dexter ends up killing said person he has built a relationship with
- Case ends with suspect dying at the hands of Dexter
- Deb gets involved with someone also related to the case and ends up breaking up with them

But hey, maybe this one will be different.

I wonder if I’m forgettable or if people just don’t like me.

Sometimes it feels like I really fit in.

Sometimes.. I’m not sure there’s even a point me being there.

I try to get involved and put myself out there but sometimes it feels like I’m not getting anywhere.

Maybe in time.

But that seems to have run out.

Tonight I got called outgoing and chatty. I’m not really sure why.

I also bonded with people. It feels kinda good but weird. I’m kinda dreading Monday morning,

All of a sudden I feel, for no reason I can identify, and for the first time in a long while. It feels like a friend and a stranger all at once. It feels debilitating and all consuming. It feels bad.

I hope it’s just tiredness. It’s trying to tell me that I know it isn’t, that it isn’t fleeting. I don’t want to believe it. I’ve come too far to regress now.

I can’t feel the resilience but I know it’s there. I just have to find it, or hope that it will find me. Again.

Zedd feat. Hayley Williams - Stay the Night
Acoustic version

This is genuinely beautiful.

It is about wanting and need, wanting and need - a peculiar, desperate kind of need, needing to get what you never got, wanting it still, wanting it all the more, nonetheless. It is about a profound desire for connection. It is about how much we don’t know, how much we can’t say, what we don’t understand. It is about how unfamiliar even the familiar can become.

A. M. Homes - Remedy (from Things You Should Know)